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About WSI

Originating in Chicago, Chicago Style Stepping (a.k.a. steppin') is a ballroom style form of dance that is unlike any other dance ever seen before in the South. The genres of music that are popularly danced to are classic and contemporary R&B, contemporary Jazz, Neo-soul, Pop, Gospel, and Hip-hop. Steppin’ is currently one of the most popular aspects of America's social climate, and is gaining popularity at a very rapid pace in many major cities such as: Los Angeles, St. Louis, North Carolina, Florida, Indianapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Alabama and many other heavily populated areas. WSI is dedicated to creating awareness of this dance through teaching, entertaining, and engaging those who enjoy couples dancing. This dance has the ability to bring the community together and the power to transform the social setting here in Atlanta by simultaneously providing an atmosphere for business networking, social recreation, physical activity, stress relief and much, much more. This dance because of its unique capacity to positively charge the environment is currently enjoyed and adopted by people throughout American society.


It all started for Lamont in the summer of 2006 in Atlanta when as a hard-core roller skater from New York he happened to see a few people take their skates off and start dancing. He asked a close friend standing nearby what kind of dance they were doing and his friend replied, “That’s Chicago Style Stepping and I’m from Chicago and can’t believe I don’t know how to step. Let’s go learn!” Soon after that conversation Lamont was well on his way to beginning his journey as a stepper. As God would have it his instruction began under Chicago’s own Maurice Turner, founder of World Steppers, Inc. (WSI), and one of the best steppers out of Chicago to ever come to Atlanta. Within a few months he was doing more than just learning, he was helping to teach classes as well. Now over 9 years later he still takes joy in teaching this dance to those looking for something new, refreshing and challenging, yet grown & sexy. Throughout his years as a WSI instructor Lamont has had the pleasure and privilege of performing with locally and nationally recognized vocal and musical artists such as Carmichael Musiclover; Alex Lattimore; Saxophonist Reggie Hines; and Film director/Singer Dee Robinson.  He also served as the National Communications Director for the 1st Annual National Chicago Style Steppers Day (NCSSD) Celebration and for several years did workshops at Hank Stewart's Annual All White Affair. His most recent appearance was last year at Centennial Olympic Park’s Wednesday WindDown where he led a group of some of Atlanta’s most talented steppers in a performance with Atlanta’s local recording artist, Seven. The show was such a hit a repeat performance was done several weeks later. In sharing this dance to help build better health and better relationships Lamont ultimately hopes that his participation in some way helps to build better people…. Wun Step at a tIme.

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